Lighting and Special Effects

Lighting and special effects enhance the look and feel of every event. The Carlin Company uses some of the most powerful, effective, and sophisticated intelligent lighting instruments on the market. Among these are impressive specials that create multiple saturated looks to allow maximum flexibility for corporate general sessions and ambient light for awards shows and entertainment. The possibilities are endless.

Audio Design and Production

It has often been said that people “see with their ears.” The Carlin Company has a long history in the entertainment and recording fields. Early on, we knew that good sound requires stellar equipment and expert technicians with the “ears” to operate it. The sound should surround your attendees and never be in their face. The Carlin Company supplies systems that cover audiences from as small as twenty-five to large venues for fifty thousand people. And, one more thing—our sound is incredible. We make performers, presenters, music, and video sound absolutely perfect, in every venue, every time.

Video and Image Magnification

Video presentation is an integral part of any event. From image magnification and graphics to graphic animation and video segments, the expertise and quality of our visual presentations are unsurpassed. The Carlin Company provides packages that include front or rear projection screens, with the latest in high intensity video projectors, high-resolution graphics, and plasma screens. State-of-the-art video switching equipment provides smooth transitions that give maximum flexibility for a seamless production.

Sets and Décor

The Carlin Company has a large resource of channel partners to create sets and décor that are perfect for your event. From spacious grand, hard and soft sets to lavish table settings, breathtaking centerpieces and exquisite décor, our designers are the best in the business. As part of the production process, we provide comprehensive site plans, room and venue layouts, as well as, color renderings. We invite you to enjoy a few of our samples. As effective as our writing is, in this case a picture really is worth a thousand words or more.